I’ll Just Be Me, If You’ll Just Be You…

On a walk this week (and EXTRA LONG 4 MILE WALK, might I add) I had the pleasure of listening to a pod cast by Jillian Michaels (You know, the supper skinny trainer from NBC’s “The Biggest Loser.”)  She told a little story in a book she found at her daughter’s school about a rabbit, duck, and an eagle.  Story goes a little like this…


One morning, Rabbit visited a pond near his home for a cool sip of water.  Duck was there, swimming and having a great day on the water.  Rabbit had his sip and then told Duck that it was a great day for a run; that he should join him.  Duck thought it sounded like fun, but found out quickly that the best he tried, he would never keep up with the speed of the swift rabbit.  His feet and short legs just were not cut out for the task of running fast.  Feeling like a failure, he asked Rabbit then if he’d like to head back to the pond to go for a swim.  Rabbit hesitated, he only ever went to the pond for a drink and his mother told him early in life not to go too far in the water.  He thought about it a little bit more & decided that he should try swimming just once since Duck was a good sport about running.  Well, you know what happened… Duck swam out in the open waters while Rabbit quickly started struggling to keep his nose in the air.  Swoops in Eagle (laughing at the drowning Rabbit, thinking “what an idiot this Rabbit guy is to think he can swim,”  to save Rabbit from drowning.  Eagle suggested that Rabbit and Duck join him for an afternoon flying around in the sky…

I’m sure you get where this is going by now…


I loved hearing this story!  Reminds me of the short story fables I used to read when I was little.  So many times I think that I can do it all, failing to remember that God made me with specific, special talents and a wonderful purpose in order to use me for this space in time on planet earth.  I’m no good at sewing.  I can’t stand being by myself.  I hate sitting in a house when there’s a world outside waiting to be absorbed.  I love going for long walks outside when the weather is perfect.  I find that I’m even pretty good at organization.  I love to cook (on Holidays or when the family members in this house will make suggestions of what they are hungry for or when I find a new recipe that sounds good.)  I’m sure I could make a list of many other things, but I don’t want to bore you.  I know you get where this is going too.  Everyone’s got their own little bit of activities and talents they are good at and at least as many they can think of that they aren’t good at.


Cliff Notes of the story…  Find out for yourself what you’re really good at.  Always focus on and remember the things that you are good at.  Put into practice for good the talents and abilities you naturally hold (or at least the ones that you enjoy culturing.) Don’t try to be someone other than you.  Don’t let someone else’s abilities make you feel that your abilities only ever add up to inadequacy.  Don’t try to force your talents onto someone who holds talents which are different from yours.    And finally, it’s no coincidence that you are here, alive, right now and God has a plan for YOU as well!


One Change…

Change.  We all have something about ourselves that we want to change.  Some require surgery.  Some require discipline &/or self control.  Some demand big change; some small.  I’ve been around the circle of having all kinds of things about myself that I’d love to see change.


With my “list of changeables” getting on my nerves to the maximum, and being the type of gal that’s tried doing all kinds of things to get the “quick fix” (which NEVER works for me) I’d determined one thing.  Change can happen!  I decided to work on something that I haven’t worked on in a while…. Nail Biting.


Nail Biting had been a bad habit of mine for SO LONG  now.  I’m currently 31 years old so I can safely say that I’d been a biter for the past 30 years.  I don’t know how I picked up the nasty habit.  My Mom and Sister never bit theirs.  There were times in my middle school years, high school years, and adult years that I remember going to Wal-Mart to pick up a bottle of “Nail Bitter” thinking that I could force myself to give it up because of the nasty taste I’d experience.  Nope – never worked.  All I’d have to do is wash my hands and the bitter flavor was gone.  I’d forget to reapply and so – nope…  No good.  What I’ve discovered (thank you Joyce Meyer) is that the best way to change a bad habit is to replace it with a good one.


What girly-girl doesn’t like to be pretty??  I don’t know about you, but I love spending time on myself.  Sitting in a salon to get my hair done is one of my favorite things to do (to me, it’s like a free scalp massage when someone’s playing with my hair!  I love that!)


A cousin of mine was engaged to be married the first Saturday of May and asked me to offer the blessing for the reception meal.  Now, that’s not like I’m the Matron of Honor or anything, I get that – but I still felt I needed to look good!  I knew while offering  the blessing I’d be in front of everyone in attendance and you know those wedding photographers… They are EVERYWHERE..


I decided to take better care of my nails before the big day and so I went to the nail salon & had acrylic nails applied.  $40 later- they were pretty (remember my fetish for “quick fixes”).  At that moment, I decided to return to the salon for fills in the future and have “instant pretty hands” always.  Alas, the prettiness didn’t last as long as I would want $40 to stretch.  To have them filled would be $30 each trip and includes all the drilling and scraping of the natural nail and cuticle which just can’t be all that healthy.  My natural nails don’t grow fast.  I figure that it’s been caused by years of biting abuse.  About 2 weeks after application of the “Full Set” they were nasty.  To me, they just didn’t shape up anymore and the idea of the out of my pocket cost & health concerns really got to me so I took them off.


Upon removal, I noticed that there was this faint, slim, white line of healthy, natural nail that had started to grow!  I made my mind up that spending a little more time at the salon wasn’t such a bad thing.  I went back to the Nail Salon and had a technician just simply paint my tiny but mighty to my self esteem nails.  Several times I’d hear her mention that my nails were “so tiny” & I felt as though I needed to apologize, but hey – I tipped her in the end and I felt just as good as when the acrylics were applied!  Instant feel good sensation!  (And, $6 is a much more affordable bill in comparison to what could have been $30!)  I’ve had another full manicure since then and have been taking care of my nails at home by changing polish and filing as needed.  It’s been over a full month now and I haven’t once had the desire to bite.  They are just too pretty to ruin!


You see friends, if there’s something you want to change, do it.  You are worth it!  Not all changes are as quick as my nail biting switch-er-roo, but if there is something you want to change don’t waste one more day.  Pushing the desire to change something about yourself  to the “back of your mind” never really works.  Been there; done that!  Thinking of what could be only pushes those desires to the forefront each and every time you have a minute for your mind to wander and in return makes your self esteem take a nose drive into a more depressed state.  What you may find, just as I have found, is that if you change just one thing for the better, in a positive, enjoyable way – change isn’t hard.  Simply put, don’t dwell on the negative – think of all the fun, pretty, exciting experiences you’ll have to look forward to.


Experts say that it really only takes anywhere between 21-30 days to make a habit.  They are onto something – but adding a dash of positive attitude gives that month of waiting an absolute boost!!